February 17, 2011

What am I doing so long?

Well,that's a question.Actually I have been doing some very new and different thing for me ,and that is crocheting. I am absolutely new at it I am doing my very first project of it.Its almost done by now yet not finished.While doing this I realised that I should have started with yarn and granny squares.Butb no,I wont do so ,me driven by the urge of doing something new,I kept aside my thinking and started with a doily,the one that was so beautiful in the picture and caught my eye. I kept thinking that I have to try this one by myself.I bought crocheting thread in two colours,creamy white and deep blue.But alas,I dont have a crochet needle!!who has it? ?my mom has it ,I have once seen it amongst her sewing next time I went to my home I brought it back with me and rightaway started the project,bubbling with the enthusiasm.I am still trying to finish it,quickly.It has been so long I have been working at it.