July 14, 2014

A lacy frock for the little one

Isn't this  baby dress adorable?I got this pattern from an old crochet book,that I had with me for quite a long time.Though these days finding some time of my own to pursue with my crochet or anything crafty has become quite a challenge.During the winters I knew I wanted to make something for my baby,with the yarns that I bought sometime back.I have been eyeing this pattern for a long time to give it a shot.Finally,I managed to give it a try ,working during the nap times and finish it within a few weeks.Yes this  is a post about something that I made during the early days of winters,and its summer now.Actually I wanted to post this  since Dec when I finished this but had no luck.So here it goes .
I  enjoyed so much crocheting this dress. For me it is always something very special and touching about making something on my own for the little one.

I always kinda wanted a red dress for my cutie so, red became the highlight of the dress.
I am both pleased and disappointed with it. I’m pleased because it looks cute and the pattern is not complicated, but I’m disappointed because my baby dress didn’t come out its intended size. I made a mistake by choosing worsted weight thicker yarn while I should have used something lighter. The intended size was 0-3 months, but the finished size is about 6 months. What is more, the dress came out somewhat heavy and bulky,still looked pretty on my baby.
Next time, whenever I am going to make a baby dress,I will use a lighter and softer yarn,like those meant specifically for babies.