December 11, 2014

Tiny little things that make one happy ~

As a beautiful long weekend passed by and another one comes to close - I was trying to spend some quiet time sipping my coffee and reflecting on the past years (which right now is a real luxury) - things have moved so quickly that I hardly got time for myself and my blog. I did not stop quilling all this while but haven't got enough time to do as many projects I would do and to post it here. As I was going through the old pictures, I found these among them.
These are the pictures of the card ,I made for a friend of  mine in 2013,that I never got to post here. So now they are here....

This is quiet a simple design. I  used 1.5 mm paper strips ,cut all by myself using my handy-dandy paper cutter.I wish I had  a thin glittery ribbon either silver or golden which could have given this simple motif a bling.