December 21, 2011

Hi all ,here is another very quick post .Here is a cross stiched cloth,that my mom uses as a cover for the DVD player.

The design is from a book of my mother.this is specifically a corner design.I like how this gives a colorful effect to the plain white cloth.Get some more glances...

December 19, 2011

Another crochet doily

Here goes another one.A crochet star doily.Got the pattern from the net only but very sorry I dont remember where from since I got this downloaded in my pc.It turned out to be quite a large one.It actually seemed like ages,to finish it.This is one of the unfinished projects,that needed real attention to get finished.And so here it is.
I crocheted this in white cotton crochet thread.It is about 16" in dia.

Excuse the low quality pic as I have hastily taken these through my mobile,as I was in a hurry.This week I am super busy ,but will try to share another project  that I made a longtime back even before my marriage.Hope I get enough time to write another post.

December 13, 2011

Cute little embroidery

Hi friends!Time for a real quick post !!here is yet another embroidery project that I made some time back.Its a small piece of cloth that I planned to use for covering the land phone.It can also be called a handkerchief on the bigger side.I embroidered it in one corner on a light yellow colored poplin .

I used button hole stitch for the small flowers .All the threads I used for this embroidery are the chiffon floss that I had in my stash.

December 01, 2011

My love for cosmetics

I  just  love cosmetics,and have have immense craving for cosmetics.Not that these guys have been a long time interest,but it is recently that I discovered this craving.But just because I love them dosent mean that I buy a lot to grow my collection,though I would love to do so.It is indeed an eye candy to see the them in your own possesion.But the point that I dont buy them a lot has some reasons; one being ofcourse 'Money',others being that of 'Skin','usage'.Since I donot get to use much cosmetics other than lipstics and eyeliner and nailpolishes,so what's the point of buying a lot as most of these are not good to use after the expiry date.I may sound cheapstake or a miser but the truth is I am being practical.
So there is nothing bad in being that way.
These are the things i would love to have and have plans to buy them whenever possible,

  • Loreal - Rivitalife.

  • a good night cream like that of himalaya(170 INR, 50 gm)

  • Ponds cold cream

  • elle 18 lipsticks
  • Revlon colorstay eyeliner pencil

  • a lipstick in matt brown shade.
  • a set of eyeshadow color pallette like that of coastal scents
  • a few shades of revlon nailpolishes
  • a covergirl compact or presssed powder.
  • an Eye Pencil  in blue

So friends do you love cosmetics?If so what are you planning to buy lately?Please comment below and let me know about your favourite products.