December 01, 2011

My love for cosmetics

I  just  love cosmetics,and have have immense craving for cosmetics.Not that these guys have been a long time interest,but it is recently that I discovered this craving.But just because I love them dosent mean that I buy a lot to grow my collection,though I would love to do so.It is indeed an eye candy to see the them in your own possesion.But the point that I dont buy them a lot has some reasons; one being ofcourse 'Money',others being that of 'Skin','usage'.Since I donot get to use much cosmetics other than lipstics and eyeliner and nailpolishes,so what's the point of buying a lot as most of these are not good to use after the expiry date.I may sound cheapstake or a miser but the truth is I am being practical.
So there is nothing bad in being that way.
These are the things i would love to have and have plans to buy them whenever possible,

  • Loreal - Rivitalife.

  • a good night cream like that of himalaya(170 INR, 50 gm)

  • Ponds cold cream

  • elle 18 lipsticks
  • Revlon colorstay eyeliner pencil

  • a lipstick in matt brown shade.
  • a set of eyeshadow color pallette like that of coastal scents
  • a few shades of revlon nailpolishes
  • a covergirl compact or presssed powder.
  • an Eye Pencil  in blue

So friends do you love cosmetics?If so what are you planning to buy lately?Please comment below and let me know about your favourite products.