December 21, 2011

Hi all ,here is another very quick post .Here is a cross stiched cloth,that my mom uses as a cover for the DVD player.

The design is from a book of my mother.this is specifically a corner design.I like how this gives a colorful effect to the plain white cloth.Get some more glances...

December 19, 2011

Another crochet doily

Here goes another one.A crochet star doily.Got the pattern from the net only but very sorry I dont remember where from since I got this downloaded in my pc.It turned out to be quite a large one.It actually seemed like ages,to finish it.This is one of the unfinished projects,that needed real attention to get finished.And so here it is.
I crocheted this in white cotton crochet thread.It is about 16" in dia.

Excuse the low quality pic as I have hastily taken these through my mobile,as I was in a hurry.This week I am super busy ,but will try to share another project  that I made a longtime back even before my marriage.Hope I get enough time to write another post.

December 13, 2011

Cute little embroidery

Hi friends!Time for a real quick post !!here is yet another embroidery project that I made some time back.Its a small piece of cloth that I planned to use for covering the land phone.It can also be called a handkerchief on the bigger side.I embroidered it in one corner on a light yellow colored poplin .

I used button hole stitch for the small flowers .All the threads I used for this embroidery are the chiffon floss that I had in my stash.

December 01, 2011

My love for cosmetics

I  just  love cosmetics,and have have immense craving for cosmetics.Not that these guys have been a long time interest,but it is recently that I discovered this craving.But just because I love them dosent mean that I buy a lot to grow my collection,though I would love to do so.It is indeed an eye candy to see the them in your own possesion.But the point that I dont buy them a lot has some reasons; one being ofcourse 'Money',others being that of 'Skin','usage'.Since I donot get to use much cosmetics other than lipstics and eyeliner and nailpolishes,so what's the point of buying a lot as most of these are not good to use after the expiry date.I may sound cheapstake or a miser but the truth is I am being practical.
So there is nothing bad in being that way.
These are the things i would love to have and have plans to buy them whenever possible,

  • Loreal - Rivitalife.

  • a good night cream like that of himalaya(170 INR, 50 gm)

  • Ponds cold cream

  • elle 18 lipsticks
  • Revlon colorstay eyeliner pencil

  • a lipstick in matt brown shade.
  • a set of eyeshadow color pallette like that of coastal scents
  • a few shades of revlon nailpolishes
  • a covergirl compact or presssed powder.
  • an Eye Pencil  in blue

So friends do you love cosmetics?If so what are you planning to buy lately?Please comment below and let me know about your favourite products.

    November 23, 2011

    Another new glass painting : a lady with fruits

    I got this picture from Internet and the moment I saw it I knew i would try my hand in doing this on glass.It was quite a challenge to do the shadings and especially the skin color.My hubby R has a great credit in this painting majorly the body of the lady.The most striking feature that I liked about this lady is  her attitude while carrying the fruits.She has  an amazing pose that I liked so much.
    I mostly used Camlin water -based glass color,except for the dress and the face and body. This glass painting was totally a new venture.Though I am posting this now but I completed this a long before the Japanese girl,rather its a first one in which I tried human subject.firstly I was hesitant about  this but it finally turned out quite well and I liked it.Hope you  also would like it.

    November 21, 2011

    Random musings

    It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

    • I like to stay in USA,though its not my own country,and have to live so many miles away from home.
    • I get irritated when people advise me to do things that I already know to do, I'm not stupid, give me some credit.
    • It annoy me that people don’t comment on my blog (I know you are reading), but I find it totally acceptable when I read someone’s blog and do not comment.
    • I obsessively check the reader stats of my blog. I gotta know if peeps are reading and which things that I write about are most popular.
    • I haven’t been the greatest at leaving comments on the blogs I am reading lately.
    • I like to read others blogs and tryout their ideas and projects by myself  only to decorate my house,but I  am not copying anyone.
    • I love to wear lots of  jeweleries,especially dangling earrings,though I am not sure how it exactly looks on me.
    • Whenever I go to supermarket,I cant help but get attracted to the cosmetics isle because I just love cosmetics and wish I could have lots and lots of those,nothing is really enough.

    November 17, 2011

    Whats coming up??

           These days I am busy finishing quite a few projects .I guess every body with creative finger goes through this phase ,when you are bubbling with ieas,and energy to ceate something,there is a kind of itch that occurs and provokes you to start a lot of projects .right now my mind is too much preoccupied and overcrowded with so many ideas and desires,that I am practically unable to  finish a single project.
    I hope this requires a list for the

    Started projects:

    1. a square crochet  doily
    2. a glass painting.
    3.a bookmark.
    4.Unfinished cross stitch  tablecloth
    5.a quilling project.

    Projects in mind(to be considered)

    1.a crocheted cushion cover.
    2.a blanket throw(crochet)
    3.a large crossstitch table cloth for future dining table embroidered bed cover with pillow set.

    Isnt it a too small list to be completed within this year?
    Oh yes I wish to complete the started one within this year only.Projects to be considered are entitled for new year,2012.That's it for today ,see you all soon,with a finished project.

    Check out my previous post on other projects and I would be happy to receive comments on them.

    A relaxed weekend in gopalpur

    I know I know.... I have been lazy at writing. I was this close to put up a post and say: "No not now lets finish some other work,and then write in some other time. "Some other time means  when creative juices start flowing again.
    But I said... no, that's not fair. to myself and my blog.
    I started this blog very whimsically.... and I am thoroughly enjoying it now. So.. I should not put something on back burner just because of laziness.
    last week end we have been to Gopalpur on sea.
    If your soul is craving for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then just pack our bags and head to Gopalpur-on-sea.It is 16 Kms away from Berhampur ,Ganjam district ,Odisha,India and close to the border of Andhra Pradesh .Gopalpur is mainly known for its serene  beach,scenic sunsets.(though we have been able to be the lucky observers of good sunrise.and a silver moonlit sea on  full moon night.)This is a perfect beach resort  with  sand dunes,coconut groves,and reasonably isolated,and undisturbed by excessive tourists.

    Gopalpur-on-Sea is one of the finest beaches on the eastern coast In the days of British East India Company,Gopalpur used to be an important and busy port of the east coast,but now very little remains of that.There is a light house which gives a majestic view of the sea as well as as entire gopalpur.This beach is ideal for short trip outings and as relaxed weekend destinations.some glimpses of the beach.

      view of the sea ,Gopalpur from the light house

                                             bird's eye view of the remnants of the old  port

     sunset at Gopalpur -on-sea

         moonlit gopalpur on full moon night

    sunrise  at Gopalpur on sea

    moonlit sea on full moon night

    On Gopalpur beach in early morning.


    October 31, 2011

    A recovered hand embroideried table cloth

    Let me share with you all a forgotten embroidered table cloth finish which came out from an old bag, from the bottom of the cupboard during the shifting process….it’s a bit wrinkled and badly need a press…

     This is the centre of the square table cloth.Its an ordinary navy colored cloth that I had in my stash.I got this motif from an old embroidery book that belonged to my grandma.I used button hole stitch for the pink flowers.

    These are at the corners of the cloth.Remember those painting books that we used to have in childhood.It used to be a delighting experience to fill those pics with splash of colours.This used to be favourite activities on  the idle  holiday afternoons when everybody else was resting.Yes ,this is  one of those pics.I got this from one of those old painting/coloring books.The middle flower is in a deep shade of pink while the smaller flowers are in a shade lighter than the bigger one.

    This is it.I am thinking of using it  to cover for my microwave oven.
    Visitors of my blog who ever come across my blog  please feel free to comment on the posts ,your valueable comments are always welcome.

    October 26, 2011


    HAPPY DIWALI to all my  friends,readers,visitors whoever come across my blog.

    October 14, 2011

    Back after a while

    Good morning friends,at last I am back from a break .This is my first post after returning home.We returned to the city when the city was beaming with the festive mood and lights.after all its the Durga puja time,the largest festival of the Bengali's.Durga Puja is like a giant carnival and the entire city celebrate it  by visiting the puja pandals, eating finger foods sold by the street vendors and buying souvenirs.The city takes a totally different colour especially during this time of the year.Its lights every where ,passions start pouring out, creativity flourishes ,people are out on the streets dressed in their fineries in the honour of ma Durga even defying the extremely hot and humid weather.Me being a Bengali  is no exception.So ever returning from USA was extremely busy to sit down and write something.Moreover due to the festivals there was holidays prevailing and we were left with no Internet connections.It is only last week that we got the connection.Thank god that it was during puja that I was with out the net ,otherwise I don't know how I could have spent the time.

    August 23, 2011

    Showing off new finished doily

    Here is my new doily,that I lately finished.This is a colourful one.I used anchor threads for crochet.I thought it was beautiful.I  have found the graphic in the corner of Miriam Crochet .The very first time I saw there I knew I have to try my hands on it.So this is it.It was also quite easyand fast.

    A 1000 sheets of paper giveaway

    Wow!! its there again.Our friend Amy has put up some amazing blog candy giveaway.She is giving away 1000 sheets of papers.simply gorgeous giveaway on the eve of her second blogversary.So check it out and you may have the luck o win those.And this is open till Friday September 23rd so hurry up!! Just check out her blog and giveaway 1000 sheets for A thousand sheets... again!

    August 17, 2011

    finished pretty doily

    Yeah,at last I have finished it.I finished a doily.I got the pattern from mirian crochet blog .It really turned out very nice.since my last crochet doilies were only a single color one so I decided to try and go with a more colorful one with some 3d effect.Sometimes I feel that I have a tendency to go for a tougher without trying a more easier one,but now since I have finished the doily it really seems easy.Frankly and truely speaking,it was fast and easy.The original pattern called for two colors for the flower petals but when I went to buy the thread,I found it to be quite costly(21rupees each) so,I ended up buying only one and made the petals in one pinkonly.Still it turned out nice.I started it after coming to chicago,in june and carried on with it altenatively between another crossstitch project(at present half way done).and today its done and completely finished.I made it for a round center table .I can also use it as a cover for the land phone instead of using the existing store bought colorful towels.This is just a quick post,and will be posting the pics afterwords in the next post as I till have not got one of the finished one.And I gotta cook now for the dinner so no time to experimment.This is just an update.
    Wow there has been a new release that we have been waiting for long to watch.since we a now away I was wandering how I am going to watch the movie.But after some planning have been able to watch it.Yes,yes I have I am excited.this most awaited movie was obviously a Hrithik Roshan starrer.I know all can guess.Its Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.I watched it and I liked it so much.It was wonderful with some nice comedies.Since I am an absolute fan of Hrithik,I liked it quite a lot.One thing I liked is that the location,Spain,which is a bit different as most hindi movies go for some predictable American and European cities like New york or London etc.So like the idea of bachelor party the location was also fresh.I felt there was some resemblance with the English movie Hangover,but Farhan Akthar is a smart it has some original characters of its own that's so good work of Farhan and Zoya.Good work,like it a lot.

    August 05, 2011

    Japanese Girl

    Well, here is another glass painting. I painted a few months ago just after I finished the granny square project. I got this picture from the net (cant remember from where). Unlike from the other paintings,I have used a golden glitter on the girls' dress and done this painting in solvent based glass paints..I got these from Starmark. the last glass painting was made with water based colors which were not at all blend-able but with this solvent based one ,the colors can be mixed with each others. It is more fun now. ENJOY!!!

    April 24, 2011

    Happy Birthday,Sachin!!!

    People call him God of cricket!He is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.So much is written and talked about him,that nothing is left tobe told about him.He is my favourite cricketer.All through his criket career he has won the hearts of every cricket loving Indian mostly by his performance and apt gentlemanship.He is the "little master","little darling" of cricket here in India.There is hardly any Indian who does not know the name of Sachin.This year is special for him as this World cup was his last one and we have won the World cup.To many more years of joy and perfection from Sachin's blade, Happy Birthday!!!

    April 11, 2011


    So one of the "joys" of being a daughter of a creative mom with real interest in sewing is you get to get handmade items at anytime from only some left over items from other projects.I needed an iPod holder badly, but I couldn't afford one of those fancy ones so last week when I went to my home ,I asked mom to make me an ipod cozy.I gave her the description of the pattern I wanted. so she made me this ,to which she has as always have added her own little spin on things. the blue fabric was the remaining after a doll skirt was made with it quite a long time back. This little holder, though, turned out really cute.I am so lucky to have such great parents and their support along my side all the time.

    April 09, 2011

    some crocheting time...

    Yes,crocheting,is the latest thing that I am doing.Technically this is my first crocheting.Well I am a bit embarrassed to let you know that I started this doily even before the granny square,but its true.I started it,then realized that it is so big a project to start with.Then got bored with it and switched off to the granny square and finished it also.Now I am on a mission to complete the previous one.The would-be doily now looks like this. Looks like this needs some more time to get it done. :)

    April 03, 2011

    New interests.....

    These are the projects I have been lately working on.Its a crochet project.a granny square a little bit improvised and made colorful.I suddenly came across this idea while surfing through the in search of something interesting and my eyes got stuck on it .wow!!! was the first expression.Well ,for the information,I got the idea and tutorial from attic24 ,an extremely colorful blog.I just followed the tutorial she has put up blindly but used different colors,and combined them by myself.I must tell you all that it turned out extremely good and every one I have showed it to liked attic24 author Lucy cheers.and many thanks for sharing this tutorial.It was extremely nice of you as many blogs have nice designs but the don't have the patterns noted down on their blogs but only the pictures of the finished projects

    Here is the finished one.My mom and R liked it at once I showed them.


    February 17, 2011

    What am I doing so long?

    Well,that's a question.Actually I have been doing some very new and different thing for me ,and that is crocheting. I am absolutely new at it I am doing my very first project of it.Its almost done by now yet not finished.While doing this I realised that I should have started with yarn and granny squares.Butb no,I wont do so ,me driven by the urge of doing something new,I kept aside my thinking and started with a doily,the one that was so beautiful in the picture and caught my eye. I kept thinking that I have to try this one by myself.I bought crocheting thread in two colours,creamy white and deep blue.But alas,I dont have a crochet needle!!who has it? ?my mom has it ,I have once seen it amongst her sewing next time I went to my home I brought it back with me and rightaway started the project,bubbling with the enthusiasm.I am still trying to finish it,quickly.It has been so long I have been working at it.