August 23, 2011

Showing off new finished doily

Here is my new doily,that I lately finished.This is a colourful one.I used anchor threads for crochet.I thought it was beautiful.I  have found the graphic in the corner of Miriam Crochet .The very first time I saw there I knew I have to try my hands on it.So this is it.It was also quite easyand fast.

A 1000 sheets of paper giveaway

Wow!! its there again.Our friend Amy has put up some amazing blog candy giveaway.She is giving away 1000 sheets of papers.simply gorgeous giveaway on the eve of her second blogversary.So check it out and you may have the luck o win those.And this is open till Friday September 23rd so hurry up!! Just check out her blog and giveaway 1000 sheets for A thousand sheets... again!

August 17, 2011

finished pretty doily

Yeah,at last I have finished it.I finished a doily.I got the pattern from mirian crochet blog .It really turned out very nice.since my last crochet doilies were only a single color one so I decided to try and go with a more colorful one with some 3d effect.Sometimes I feel that I have a tendency to go for a tougher without trying a more easier one,but now since I have finished the doily it really seems easy.Frankly and truely speaking,it was fast and easy.The original pattern called for two colors for the flower petals but when I went to buy the thread,I found it to be quite costly(21rupees each) so,I ended up buying only one and made the petals in one pinkonly.Still it turned out nice.I started it after coming to chicago,in june and carried on with it altenatively between another crossstitch project(at present half way done).and today its done and completely finished.I made it for a round center table .I can also use it as a cover for the land phone instead of using the existing store bought colorful towels.This is just a quick post,and will be posting the pics afterwords in the next post as I till have not got one of the finished one.And I gotta cook now for the dinner so no time to experimment.This is just an update.
Wow there has been a new release that we have been waiting for long to watch.since we a now away I was wandering how I am going to watch the movie.But after some planning have been able to watch it.Yes,yes I have I am excited.this most awaited movie was obviously a Hrithik Roshan starrer.I know all can guess.Its Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.I watched it and I liked it so much.It was wonderful with some nice comedies.Since I am an absolute fan of Hrithik,I liked it quite a lot.One thing I liked is that the location,Spain,which is a bit different as most hindi movies go for some predictable American and European cities like New york or London etc.So like the idea of bachelor party the location was also fresh.I felt there was some resemblance with the English movie Hangover,but Farhan Akthar is a smart it has some original characters of its own that's so good work of Farhan and Zoya.Good work,like it a lot.

August 05, 2011

Japanese Girl

Well, here is another glass painting. I painted a few months ago just after I finished the granny square project. I got this picture from the net (cant remember from where). Unlike from the other paintings,I have used a golden glitter on the girls' dress and done this painting in solvent based glass paints..I got these from Starmark. the last glass painting was made with water based colors which were not at all blend-able but with this solvent based one ,the colors can be mixed with each others. It is more fun now. ENJOY!!!