July 28, 2015

DIY Wreath for summer

Well its almost the middle of summer here, rather the late summer. But I was so busy with everything else and enjoying summer days that I was just delaying to write this post and sharing this awesome and easy to make wreath that I made in a single afternoon on which it poured heavily like crazy. Normally I don't mind going out even in the summer showers, but lately we were getting lot of showers, and this day it poured like crazy. So I utilized the indoor time and with the creative juices flowing, I made this. Actually I got this idea from a video on the blog Do It On A Dime.
This is hands down a super duper easy wreath to make  yet the result is stunning and the best thing is it does not cost you a fortune at all. It is all together below $12 only, and the materials are mostly from Dollar store.
So here are the supplies needed:
  • An old wreath form from a thrift store
  • 6 dollar store hydrangea artificial flower sticks (I chose 3 from each colors, pink and purple)
  • Few decorative branches(optional)
  • A matching ribbon
  • A pair of scissors(better if, shears)

Now, I thrifted the wreath from a nearby thrift store and it was only $2 and its quite a big one,a 12" wreath. Then the flower twigs were a buck each so total $6, and the ribbon I had in my stash from earlier projects.
Now, one tip while choosing the flower twigs I chose those flowers which has a multiple no of stems bearing flowers, and hence I needed lesser no of bunches and thus saved lot of money. Moreover Hydrangeas look really nice.

I was so excited to start the project that I forgot to take pictures while putting it together, but I am giving the directions below, trust me its really easy.

  • Now since I got the wreath base from a thrift store I had to clean it up, and tie up some loose parts ,but for the new ones there wont be any.
  • Then I took the flower bunches and cut out the small twigs, so that  each twig will have a few bunches of flowers.               P.S. I left a little extra  part of the each twig and curved it a little bit so that it become easy to tuck in the wreath form.
  • As you can see, I arranged the pink and purple flowers alternatively as I carried on tucking them firmly in the wreath form and spread them evenly.
  • I also added these small little details of theses decorative twigs having small white and pink balls glued to it,that I got from the original old wrath.I threw off every thing else as they were in pretty bad shape, except these ones.
  • Then I added some blue ribbon I already had, and tie it in the centre and voila the wreath is ready under an hour.
And so the summer wreath is ready to be hung, within just 10 bucks ,well actually it cost me only 8$ and a rainy afternoon with my favorite music on at the backgrounds.
So friends let me know, what do you think about it in the comments below, I would love to read them. And if you guys also try something like this also leave the link, I would love to see them too.
And thanks to Do it on a dime blog for sharing such an awesome tutorial, and providing the inspiration.
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July 16, 2015

Cilantro lime cucumber salad

As recently I am having huge productions of cucumber from our little  garden that I planted in the spring, I was constantly exploring for the different things that we can do with cucumber other than just using it in salads or sandwiches.
I was looking for a simple easy to make , but a salad little bit different  and healthier,and with a little kick.So I looked up the Internet and found this.I adjusted the portions according to my taste and liking.So I made this simple salad,and it was perfect for our taste, and immediately became a hit in my family.


  • 2 medium sized cucumbers,peeled the skin off
  • 1 small green hot Indian chili, finely grated
  • 1 garlic clove,finely grated
  • freshly crushed black pepper powder
  • freshly squeezed lime juice 3 tbsp
  • salt to taste 
  • sugar 1 tsp(optional,but adds a balance in taste)
  • cilantro leaves 1 cup,chopped finely
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1tsp red chili flakes
Peel and wash the cucumbers,and slice them in very thin round slices.
In a small bowl, mix the lime juice,garlic paste,salt ,black pepper powder, green chili , sugar and the extra virgin olive oil,and stir well.
Then to this dressing mixture fold in the chopped cilantro leaves and leave it for 5 mins  ,and add the red chili flakes.
Then add the cucumber slices,and mix well. Let it sit for few mins .Voila,your refreshing cucumber cilantro lime salad is ready.
It can be served chilled or as it is.

I would say the salad is at the same time refreshing in the summer days as well as low in calorie. The lime juice is rich in antioxidants and cucumber itself helps in digestion and also extremely good fruit for those with diabetes.So enjoy this summer salad.And in the comments below let me know what is your favorite salad in summer,or if you have tried this yourself and whether liked it or not.

June 18, 2015

My goto tomtato soup recipe

As the title suggests it is the easiest and most delicious and probably one of the healthiest tomato soup recipe that i could find.Its easy to put together in a snap and its ingredients are some of the most commonly available ingredients in any kitchen.Yet it tastes really delicious.So without a further ado,here comes the recipe.


Time to cook:35mins


tomatoes: 4medium sized
onion:1 medium sized chopped
cloves :2
chicken broth :1 cup low sodium
butter :1to 2 tbsp
all purpose flour: 2tbsp
sugar 1 tsp
salt to taste
green onion:1 chopped for garnish.

In a stock pot,or a deep bottom pot ,over medium heat add the onions just saute for 3 secs and add the tomatoes and cloves and chicken stock.
Bring it to boil and keep boiling for 20 mins and until the tomatoes get fully cooked and mushy.
Remove from heat and put this mixture in a blender and blend very well so that it becomes smooth ,paste like consistency.
Next in an empty stock pot melt butter and add the all purpose flour and stirr well so that no lumps form.
then gradually add the tomato  mixture to this ,and blend very well.
Then add in the sugar and season with required salt and pepper.
Sprinkle the green onion on the bowl and enjoy the warm and tangy tomato soup.
If you want to add some crunch you can add some nice and crispy seasoned croutons and eat it along with some toasted breads.Since that day I happened to have run out of the slice bread so ate it with some left over croissants. Either way it tastes  good.

This is my handy dandy tomato soup recipe, yet tasty and yummy .My kids love it too.So friends whats your favourite and go to dinner or soup recipe?

April 06, 2015

Yummy hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is always special,especially when the outside temperature dips down to several notches below 32 F and yes, you are too lazy to move from the special spot in your warm couch, for more than say 5 minutes.

For all those who feel the same ( yeah I know, most do), here is a quick fix recipe for some all-weather- all time yummy Hot Chocolate:

1 1/2 cups of Whole Milk
1/2 cup of Heavy Cream
½ cup of Bittersweet Chocolate, chopped
2/3 cup of Milk Chocolate, chopped
1 tbsp of Sugar
1/4 tsp of Vanilla Extract
½ tsp of Instant Espresso Powder 
Whipped Cream, optional
1)Take a sauce pan, add the milk and cream.
2) Heat together over medium heat until the mixture is almost at the boiling point. Do ensure, it doesn’t boil.
3) Take it off the heat and add the both chopped bittersweet & chopped milk chocolate along with the sugar, vanilla extract and espresso powder.
4) Let sit for one minute and then whisk,
5) Put the mixture back on the heat to let it simmer a bit and mix well.
6) Serve yourself in your FAVORITE mug with some whipped cream topping. ;)[though I did not add it to make it little skinnier]
                And voila, it’s done,the key to added comfort is in your hand and hours of laid back Sunday comes free totally. Now, only if they cud make robots to make some Hot chocolate , I cud have flipped a few more pages thru the magazine by then. Am SOO hard working u know. :P