June 18, 2015

My goto tomtato soup recipe

As the title suggests it is the easiest and most delicious and probably one of the healthiest tomato soup recipe that i could find.Its easy to put together in a snap and its ingredients are some of the most commonly available ingredients in any kitchen.Yet it tastes really delicious.So without a further ado,here comes the recipe.


Time to cook:35mins


tomatoes: 4medium sized
onion:1 medium sized chopped
cloves :2
chicken broth :1 cup low sodium
butter :1to 2 tbsp
all purpose flour: 2tbsp
sugar 1 tsp
salt to taste
green onion:1 chopped for garnish.

In a stock pot,or a deep bottom pot ,over medium heat add the onions just saute for 3 secs and add the tomatoes and cloves and chicken stock.
Bring it to boil and keep boiling for 20 mins and until the tomatoes get fully cooked and mushy.
Remove from heat and put this mixture in a blender and blend very well so that it becomes smooth ,paste like consistency.
Next in an empty stock pot melt butter and add the all purpose flour and stirr well so that no lumps form.
then gradually add the tomato  mixture to this ,and blend very well.
Then add in the sugar and season with required salt and pepper.
Sprinkle the green onion on the bowl and enjoy the warm and tangy tomato soup.
If you want to add some crunch you can add some nice and crispy seasoned croutons and eat it along with some toasted breads.Since that day I happened to have run out of the slice bread so ate it with some left over croissants. Either way it tastes  good.

This is my handy dandy tomato soup recipe, yet tasty and yummy .My kids love it too.So friends whats your favourite and go to dinner or soup recipe?