March 27, 2012

Still Unfinished

Here is a quick post .Since  returning from Vacation in Manali,I am now extremely busy with completing a long ago started  cross stitch  small table cloth.I have set myself a deadline that I am going to finish this today only.But unfortunately have not been ale to make much of the required are some snaps of the incomplete table spread clicked through my cellphone as I was unable to find out the batteries  for the digital  camera,I mean the charged ones.

Lets hope ,there would be two post in the same evening,as I would be posting the finished one as soon as it is finished.

March 15, 2012

Flower and the dragonfly...

At last finished the giant quilling project is completely finished.I shared the photos if these flowers in making,sometime back,so now it looks like this.

I like the black & white combination,but I wish it to be neater and have more crisp,and perfect finish,that most of the projects in quilling blogs have.Friends let me know how is it,do you like it or not.

March 14, 2012

An Applique Work - from scraps

Sorry I have been a bit absent. It's been a busy week around here.These days I made this little cloth to be used for covering ....

In this case I have used the technique of applique.thought applique is not a favourite of mine as I hate doing those button hole stitches,around the fabric pieces,yet since this was a little one,I didn't mind doing.But one thing is sure ,that this project is fully made from scraps that I had with me for a long time.The main cloth,the stripped one is from,my hubby's shirt material,that was excess and I recovered it from the reluctant tailor.Since it was like a strip of cloth,I cut it into halves and stitched them together to get a square one.

To accompany the large flowers I made some small flowers with  blue thread ,using chain stitches.