March 14, 2012

An Applique Work - from scraps

Sorry I have been a bit absent. It's been a busy week around here.These days I made this little cloth to be used for covering ....

In this case I have used the technique of applique.thought applique is not a favourite of mine as I hate doing those button hole stitches,around the fabric pieces,yet since this was a little one,I didn't mind doing.But one thing is sure ,that this project is fully made from scraps that I had with me for a long time.The main cloth,the stripped one is from,my hubby's shirt material,that was excess and I recovered it from the reluctant tailor.Since it was like a strip of cloth,I cut it into halves and stitched them together to get a square one.

To accompany the large flowers I made some small flowers with  blue thread ,using chain stitches.