July 30, 2013

Beginners' polka dotted nailart

This is an easy look to recreate that doesn't require too much steadiness.

Apply 2 coats of your choice of nail polish.Here I used the lakme polish in N236,a warm purplish-pink.
Take your white polish or a light colored one like I used  a very light pink from wet n wild and with the dotting tool create a line of dots evenly spaced in the middle of the nail
Do another line to the right of the first line and also on the left of the first one and try to space the dots to fall between the dots of the first line.
Then I used the white nail /light pink polish  to draw lines connecting the polka dots.
Then I added smaller sized polka dots on top of the bigger dots. I just used the smaller tool to create smaller dots. The blue I used is a dark navy polish from Maybelline denim collection.

Let it dry thoroughly before applying a topcoat. You don't want it to smear!

N.B. Though it is fairly easy one to do,mine one didn't turn out that good.probably credit to my unsteady hands or the short nails.But believe me it is pretty easy and do look good if done well.
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July 26, 2013

Lakme True Wear Nail color: FreeSpirit N236 Narendra Kumar: my experience

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a little review and my take on a nail polish , I picked up quite awhile ago.
this Lakme true nail color range is the good old range that I have been using since my teenage days.

Price:Rs 95 for 9ml.

Packaging:This comes in the traditional good old Lakme nail paint packaging with a beige cap.

My Opinion:-
I am a nail paint lover and therefore I try to keep buying different nail colors from different brands while also being on tight budget.
These nail polishes come in wonderful shades and every year Lakme launches new shades as part of a designer collection and this shade is from their famous Narendra Kumar collection.
This shade is in N236.
It is a warm plummy pink very close to purple shade. It has a Very nice glossy-thick finish to this one, almost a creamy/milky jelly finish and luckily without any shimmer.
The formula on these are very good.  They apply evenly with zero effort and they dry very quickly.  I have no complaints about the formula.  All are opaque in two coats and that's what I'm wearing here.

The nail paint has a nice flowy liquid texture which is neither thick nor runny.It dries to a creamy finish with a glossy touch but the glossiness fades in 3-4 days of application without a top coat. The nail paint lasts long on my nail.  With proper care and minimal work the nail-paint can stay fresh and last a week and a half easily.
In my case,it stayed without a top coat for 4 days with minimum chipping and fading and lost of household chores and dish washing especially,after which it fades off from the tips which is acceptable.

Nail color  with flash:


  •     Adorable plummy-pink shade with no shimmers
  •     Applicator brush gives an easy and even application
  •     Commendable staying power.
  •     Well-pigmented and gives a very opaque coverage in 2 full coats.
  •     Dries up quickly but not super-fast.
  •     Gives a nice glossy creamy finish to the nails but the shine fades off.
  •     Available in large number of shades like browns, Pinks, Mauves, Reds and Maroons.

Cons :-
  •     If you do a lot of household chores, the nail-paint starts fading off from the nail-tips by the end of 3rd day.
  •     The nail polish has become slightly thick over time.
  •     The shade gets darker with each coat. So, if you go for multiple coats of the shade it may turn weird and tacky,.
  • Astonishingly the beige cap of my bottle got separated from the inner part of the cap ,leadind to slipping away from hand and falling.

Its a beautiful shades just right for the winters and ,fall.This color will suit mostly fair and wheatish skin tones with ease. Its a must try for those who love pinks.I am in love with it,and planning to do  a nail art with this too. :D

July 18, 2013

Reverse glass painting: crane

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share another of my glass paintings.I got the inspiration from a painting over the Internet. The painting is approximately 8"by 10". Its actually one of the first of reverse glass painting in which I tried using acrylic paints. It was quite a challenge to create the shades on the cranes body.One of the advantages of acrylic paints is one can create any shades by blending the colors which is quite difficult in case of glass paints. Anyways though I know this one has lots of imperfections,still I liked  how it turned out,,am willing to try some more from time to time.It gives a bout of greenery,and brings freshness to my old room in Kolkata.



July 17, 2013

Dressed -up Digits

Hi Everyone!!! It's a gorgeous day out today.  We've got a bright sunny day--it's in the low 80's.Today I was clearing and organising my stash of cosmetics and jewellery  as my in laws are supposed to come in few weeks,so i was doing some cleaning around.While going through the nail polishes,this idea struck me.
I have always had a great love for and been passionate about nail polishes,I love learning more and trying out new things.But yet I am not very much into very vibrant neon colors as is the trend these days,so I have got none like that in my collection.
Even from those I tried to create a nail art that I originally found in pinterest.the colors are not the same but similar.This is the result.Its my first ever try on nail art.I know,its a bit clumsy.

No matter how hard I tried I felt my lines were not crisp enough.And I don't even have any nail art tools at my disposal also.All I did was drawing free hand with the nail polish brush.
Anyways I kind of liked it.and wish to try some more in future.

For this I started with a base coat .then a solid coat of 
the icing polish in Bordeaux except the ring finger.I painted the ring finger in street wear color rich enamel in Blue bell.then I free handed the color blocking with the Sinful colors             and the same blue.

 the original pic from pinterest is like this,

July 12, 2013

what I am loving these days!

Hi all,How are you all doing?
After a long long time! My dear blog has been so neglected in the past few much going on in my life right now..and with a baby coming around ,and lots of shifting,things as it is aren't very easy..crafting has  to take a backseat.But still I was all determined after my last post to blog at least once in a week, but no,that did not happen. I know I am being very lazy these days,but cant help,my body is demanding rest.
This is yet again a short  and super quick post.
This is about a candle that I purchased recently at Walmart,that I am greatly enjoying these days.For sometime I have heard about the candles from Better Homes & Gardens at Wal-Mart!but never got them actually.This time I did get one. These big 18-ounce jar candles cost right around $5.Plus there were others too in a set of 6 both small and big ones mixed for just 10 bucks.Quite a deal.Moreover there is a wide variety of fragrances to choose from.I got mine  in tropical plumeria petals.It has got a kind of tropical flowery distinct scent,which is not too strong but not to feeble,yet refreshing and soothing.

I love these candles because they're big & burn a long time... but they also truly smell-up a room! (is that the right terminology? ha ha) After they burn for awhile and some hot wax develops at the top of the candle- they're just so fragrant. And I love my flame less candles... but I still really enjoy the look & scent of one of these lovely candles!