July 17, 2013

Dressed -up Digits

Hi Everyone!!! It's a gorgeous day out today.  We've got a bright sunny day--it's in the low 80's.Today I was clearing and organising my stash of cosmetics and jewellery  as my in laws are supposed to come in few weeks,so i was doing some cleaning around.While going through the nail polishes,this idea struck me.
I have always had a great love for and been passionate about nail polishes,I love learning more and trying out new things.But yet I am not very much into very vibrant neon colors as is the trend these days,so I have got none like that in my collection.
Even from those I tried to create a nail art that I originally found in pinterest.the colors are not the same but similar.This is the result.Its my first ever try on nail art.I know,its a bit clumsy.

No matter how hard I tried I felt my lines were not crisp enough.And I don't even have any nail art tools at my disposal also.All I did was drawing free hand with the nail polish brush.
Anyways I kind of liked it.and wish to try some more in future.

For this I started with a base coat .then a solid coat of 
the icing polish in Bordeaux except the ring finger.I painted the ring finger in street wear color rich enamel in Blue bell.then I free handed the color blocking with the Sinful colors             and the same blue.

 the original pic from pinterest is like this,