July 12, 2013

what I am loving these days!

Hi all,How are you all doing?
After a long long time! My dear blog has been so neglected in the past few much going on in my life right now..and with a baby coming around ,and lots of shifting,things as it is aren't very easy..crafting has  to take a backseat.But still I was all determined after my last post to blog at least once in a week, but no,that did not happen. I know I am being very lazy these days,but cant help,my body is demanding rest.
This is yet again a short  and super quick post.
This is about a candle that I purchased recently at Walmart,that I am greatly enjoying these days.For sometime I have heard about the candles from Better Homes & Gardens at Wal-Mart!but never got them actually.This time I did get one. These big 18-ounce jar candles cost right around $5.Plus there were others too in a set of 6 both small and big ones mixed for just 10 bucks.Quite a deal.Moreover there is a wide variety of fragrances to choose from.I got mine  in tropical plumeria petals.It has got a kind of tropical flowery distinct scent,which is not too strong but not to feeble,yet refreshing and soothing.

I love these candles because they're big & burn a long time... but they also truly smell-up a room! (is that the right terminology? ha ha) After they burn for awhile and some hot wax develops at the top of the candle- they're just so fragrant. And I love my flame less candles... but I still really enjoy the look & scent of one of these lovely candles!