October 31, 2011

A recovered hand embroideried table cloth

Let me share with you all a forgotten embroidered table cloth finish which came out from an old bag, from the bottom of the cupboard during the shifting process….it’s a bit wrinkled and badly need a press…

 This is the centre of the square table cloth.Its an ordinary navy colored cloth that I had in my stash.I got this motif from an old embroidery book that belonged to my grandma.I used button hole stitch for the pink flowers.

These are at the corners of the cloth.Remember those painting books that we used to have in childhood.It used to be a delighting experience to fill those pics with splash of colours.This used to be favourite activities on  the idle  holiday afternoons when everybody else was resting.Yes ,this is  one of those pics.I got this from one of those old painting/coloring books.The middle flower is in a deep shade of pink while the smaller flowers are in a shade lighter than the bigger one.

This is it.I am thinking of using it  to cover for my microwave oven.
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