November 17, 2011

A relaxed weekend in gopalpur

I know I know.... I have been lazy at writing. I was this close to put up a post and say: "No not now lets finish some other work,and then write in some other time. "Some other time means  when creative juices start flowing again.
But I said... no, that's not fair. to myself and my blog.
I started this blog very whimsically.... and I am thoroughly enjoying it now. So.. I should not put something on back burner just because of laziness.
last week end we have been to Gopalpur on sea.
If your soul is craving for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then just pack our bags and head to Gopalpur-on-sea.It is 16 Kms away from Berhampur ,Ganjam district ,Odisha,India and close to the border of Andhra Pradesh .Gopalpur is mainly known for its serene  beach,scenic sunsets.(though we have been able to be the lucky observers of good sunrise.and a silver moonlit sea on  full moon night.)This is a perfect beach resort  with  sand dunes,coconut groves,and reasonably isolated,and undisturbed by excessive tourists.

Gopalpur-on-Sea is one of the finest beaches on the eastern coast In the days of British East India Company,Gopalpur used to be an important and busy port of the east coast,but now very little remains of that.There is a light house which gives a majestic view of the sea as well as as entire gopalpur.This beach is ideal for short trip outings and as relaxed weekend destinations.some glimpses of the beach.

  view of the sea ,Gopalpur from the light house

                                         bird's eye view of the remnants of the old  port

 sunset at Gopalpur -on-sea

     moonlit gopalpur on full moon night

sunrise  at Gopalpur on sea

moonlit sea on full moon night

On Gopalpur beach in early morning.