November 17, 2011

Whats coming up??

       These days I am busy finishing quite a few projects .I guess every body with creative finger goes through this phase ,when you are bubbling with ieas,and energy to ceate something,there is a kind of itch that occurs and provokes you to start a lot of projects .right now my mind is too much preoccupied and overcrowded with so many ideas and desires,that I am practically unable to  finish a single project.
I hope this requires a list for the

Started projects:

1. a square crochet  doily
2. a glass painting.
3.a bookmark.
4.Unfinished cross stitch  tablecloth
5.a quilling project.

Projects in mind(to be considered)

1.a crocheted cushion cover.
2.a blanket throw(crochet)
3.a large crossstitch table cloth for future dining table embroidered bed cover with pillow set.

Isnt it a too small list to be completed within this year?
Oh yes I wish to complete the started one within this year only.Projects to be considered are entitled for new year,2012.That's it for today ,see you all soon,with a finished project.

Check out my previous post on other projects and I would be happy to receive comments on them.