November 23, 2011

Another new glass painting : a lady with fruits

I got this picture from Internet and the moment I saw it I knew i would try my hand in doing this on glass.It was quite a challenge to do the shadings and especially the skin color.My hubby R has a great credit in this painting majorly the body of the lady.The most striking feature that I liked about this lady is  her attitude while carrying the fruits.She has  an amazing pose that I liked so much.
I mostly used Camlin water -based glass color,except for the dress and the face and body. This glass painting was totally a new venture.Though I am posting this now but I completed this a long before the Japanese girl,rather its a first one in which I tried human subject.firstly I was hesitant about  this but it finally turned out quite well and I liked it.Hope you  also would like it.