April 03, 2011

New interests.....

These are the projects I have been lately working on.Its a crochet project.a granny square a little bit improvised and made colorful.I suddenly came across this idea while surfing through the in search of something interesting and my eyes got stuck on it .wow!!! was the first expression.Well ,for the information,I got the idea and tutorial from attic24 ,an extremely colorful blog.I just followed the tutorial she has put up blindly but used different colors,and combined them by myself.I must tell you all that it turned out extremely good and every one I have showed it to liked attic24 author Lucy cheers.and many thanks for sharing this tutorial.It was extremely nice of you as many blogs have nice designs but the don't have the patterns noted down on their blogs but only the pictures of the finished projects

Here is the finished one.My mom and R liked it at once I showed them.