February 09, 2012

Quilling madly

Here is the picture of my latest quilling work .
It took more than a week to  reach at least this stage with 1-2 hours a day.Still am enjoying it.It is yet to be finished.I like how  it is turning out.
Here are some snaps of the project in making.

I got the idea from a  piece of quilling art work,that I saw on Internet while blog walking .But please excuse me as I have no clue who it was,or where it was.Believe me, I had no intention to copy or take undue credit for this,but I just took the idea and inspiration from that piece.I am very much eager to know who created this awesome piece of quilling and thank heartily.Friends whoever come  across my post and have any clue who is the creator ,please let me know,I would be eager to  mention it in my post and give due credit.