May 19, 2012

Just a little goodies bag

Hi all,this is just a little paper goodies bag that I made for a friend on her birthday to present the was super easy .I used the bag to hold a  nail polish from Elle18.And along with it I gave her a chocolate bar from Cadbury's temptation(wrapped in red wrapping paper).
As for the bag I used plain white card stock and folded to form the bag.At the bottom ,pasted a dark purple CS and scalloped the edge with scalloped  scissors.The handle is done with mauve ribbon that remained in my stash for a long and I found a place to use it,so here it goes.

It’s a very easy to make and hope I might try to decorate this a bit more which I couldn't do because of time.
Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..It means a lot to me.
Until next time…
Have a nice day… creativebee.