August 25, 2014

Trying a healthy snack idea

Yeah! it is as healthy as it could get. Its a snack loaded with all the good stuffs like the calcium , vitamins (mostly C),antioxidants and so on. It also has a supply of  little amount of fructose which in my opinion is not always the bad guy. After all you gotta provide the body some substrates to use to perform all the daily chores and hard works, to cut short to get some energy. No I am not going to babble on  the terms and technicalities. But most important thing that we need to know is it has all the goodness but minus the heaping calories and easy-peasy to prepare.

As far as the ingredients are concerned ,it has only three of them,
plain low fat yogurt,
couple of blueberries thrown into the yogurt base,
and one tbsp. of pure honey.
Mix these together and you are ready to have it.

This is that easy yet delicious.