November 19, 2012

Banana nut muffins

Well here are some banana nut muffins that I made last to last week.I am pretty much excited to tell everyone and share it here because its the first time I have tried to do any kind of muffins.
I made it out of the ready mix  for this variety of muffins.Since it was made with the ready make mix ,I didn't have to have the trouble of measuring and adding the ingredients,I only had to add 1/2 cup of milk.The only improvisation that i needed to do was to determine the time for baking since the instruction was for ovens only,and I did it in a micro oven.In India we generally do not have the ovens at our houses.So I had to do it in micro.For this whole mixture, I baked it in convection mode of micro oven  for 45 mins at high power i.e at 180 degree Celsius.For the cup molds I used the silicon cupcake molds that I got from US last year.

I must share it ,to my astonishment the muffins turned out really well and will try some more variety in near future.